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Strong password generator

Use the free online password generator tool of Hypervault to generate strong and random passwords for maximum protection of your accounts.

Hypervault is a password manager and digital vault. It serves and secures passwords and other sensitive data for hundreds of companies worldwide. Use the strong password generator that we created according to the best practices.

Choosing a unique password for every account isn't a struggle anymore...

Thanks to our strong password generator tool, you can easily set unique passwords for every account that you sign up for or replace your current password with a stronger one.

Store all your generated passwords safely in Hypervault

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Strong Password Generator


What is needed to have the best password generator?

The best password generator consists of a combination of both the password length (min. 14 characters) and extensive password generator settings, like the use of lowercase, numbers, symbols and uppercases.
We created a free password generator to take care of your maximum protection.

Strong Password Generator: Your Key to Secure Online Accounts

In today's digital age, securing your online accounts is more important than ever. With the rise of cyber threats and data breaches, a strong password is your first line of defense against potential attacks. But how do you create a password that's both secure and memorable? Enter the strong password generator. This tool is designed to create robust, hard-to-crack passwords that can safeguard your online presence. In this Q&A of password and password generators we highlight their use, benefits, and how they contribute to your online security.

What is a Password Generator?

A password generator is a tool that creates secure, random passwords for you. It uses algorithms to generate a unique combination of characters, including lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and special symbols. This randomness is key to creating a strong password. A strong password generator, like the one built into our site, offers an extra layer of security by generating passwords that are not only unique but also difficult to crack.

Why Should I Use a Random Password Generator?

Using a password generator reduces the risk of your online accounts being compromised. With 81% of data breaches caused by reused or weak passwords, it's clear that creating unique and strong passwords for each account is essential. A password generator frees you from the task of coming up with a secure password, reducing the odds of your accounts being attacked.

What Makes a Good Password?

A good password is unique, random, and strong. It should be at least 14 characters long and include a mix of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and special symbols. Avoid using personal information like addresses and birthdays, as these can be easily guessed by attackers. Randomness is key to a secure password, making it harder for computer programs to crack. Be sure to check our password guidelines.

How Do I Manage Strong Passwords for Every Online Account?

Managing strong passwords for every online account can be a challenge. This is where password managers come in. Password managers, like Hypervault, store your passwords securely and autofill login details across devices. They also generate and store strong, unique passwords for each of your accounts, making password management easy and efficient.

Why Should a Password Be Unique?

A unique password protects against attackers gaining access to multiple accounts. If you use the same password for all your accounts and one gets compromised, the attacker can easily gain access to your other accounts. By using a unique password for each account, you reduce this risk.

Why Should a Password Be Random?

A random password is harder for attackers to crack. Computer programs used in password cracking often use dictionary attacks, where they try common words and phrases. By using a random mix of characters, you make it much more difficult for these programs to guess your password.

How to Remember a Strong Password?

Remembering a strong password can be difficult, especially if it's random. One method is to use a passphrase, a sequence of random words that are easier to remember than a string of random characters. Password managers can also help, as they remember your passwords for you and fill them in automatically when you log in.

Can a Strong Password Be Cracked?

While a strong password is much more difficult to crack than a weak one, no password is completely safe from cracking. However, the time it would take to crack a strong password using brute force attacks is astronomical, making it highly unlikely.

How Does the Tool Measure the Password Strength?

Our password generator tool measures password strength based on several factors. These include the length of the password, the types of characters used (lowercase, uppercase, numbers, symbols), and the randomness of the characters. The tool uses these factors to calculate a strength score for the password.

What Are the Worst Passwords to Use?

The worst passwords typically include simple and commonly used passwords. These often include sequences like "123456", "password", and "qwerty", as well as simple words and phrases. Using these passwords puts your accounts at high risk of being compromised.
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In combination with Hypervault, your accounts are protected to the maximum. Discover our tool, which will store all your credentials in one central place, autofill your passwords in your browser and lets you collaborate with other people in your team or organization.

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Browser extension with a password generator

Did you know that we have a browser extension for Chrome and Edge, with a built-in strong password generator? Our extension also saves your credentials, so you're able to use more than 1 password for all your website, because you don't have to remember them!


Free Password Policy Template E-book

The 6 rules for a strong password policy in your company

Creating and generating strong passwords is one thing. Rolling out a password policy in your company is another. That's why we created our E-book "The 6 rules you need for a strong password policy in your company". A document with all best practices to protect your confidentialities.

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