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difference between digital vault and password manager

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The difference between a digital vault and a password manager

A digital vault is a secure storage location for digital assets, such as documents, files, and other information. A digital vault offers features such as encryption, access controls, and backup and recovery options to protect the stored assets. Digital vaults are often used for storing sensitive or valuable information, such as financial documents, medical records, or intellectual property.

A password manager is a tool that helps users securely store and manage their passwords for websites and various online services. Password managers typically use strong encryption to protect the stored passwords. They can also generate strong, unique passwords for users to use when creating new accounts. Password managers also offer additional features such as two-factor authentication and password sharing.

While both digital vaults and password managers can be used to store and protect sensitive information, they serve different purposes and may have different features and capabilities. Digital vaults are generally broader in scope, offering secure storage for a wide range of digital assets. Password managers are specifically designed to manage and protect login credentials.

Digital vault and password manager in one

Hypervault is a digital vault and a password manager combined. We know that every business wants their confidential data to be centralized as much as possible. Hypervault stores your data as attributes, it can store files, but also has a password generator in the browser extension. Hypervault is the perfect place to encrypt your sensitive data and use it in team.

If you want to give Hypervault a try, you can always start a trial of 14 days over here.

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