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Discover all the possibilities

Hypervault is more than a password manager for teams. It’s a digital vault, with endless possibilities. Store any kind of sensitive data, wether it’s business or personal related. 

Choose from standard templates (templates that are pre-made) or custom templates (where you can start from scratch and define the necessary fields yourself).


Store all your assessments digitally encrypted without the threat of data breaches.


Asset management

Asset management can contain sensitive data about findings, ownership, significance, permitted use, and security.



Store employees’ diplomas, certifications, attestations, and courses safely secured and centralized.


Employee contracts

An employee contract is a legal agreement between an employer and an employee that outlines the terms and conditions of employment. Some of the attributes


Financial reports

Financial reports are documents that provide information about the financial performance and position of a business or organization. Some examples of financial reports include: Financial


Fleet documents

Fleet documents refer to the records and documentation related to a fleet of vehicles, such as cars, trucks, or buses. Some examples of fleet documents



Vault for passwords Hypervault has a built-in password manager, made to collaborate between your teams… or your clients. Use the folders in your vault to bring


Onboarding instructions

A welcome mail with onboarding instructions to a new employee sounds probably familiar. However, the onboarding email also contains a lot of information and it’s


Payroll information

Payroll information is typically confidential and should be protected to ensure the privacy of employees. It is often managed by an accountant or payroll specialist


Policy documents

Policy documents are documents that outline the principles, rules, and guidelines that govern an organization or group. Some examples of attributes that may be included


Signed NDA’s

Keep signed Non-Disclosure Agreements centralized in your vault, whether they are from you, your employees, clients, or suppliers.