A patent is a legal document that grants the holder the exclusive right to make, use, and sell an invention for a certain period of time. Some examples of attributes that may be included in a patent are: Patents are an important form of intellectual property protection, as they allow inventors to prevent others from […]

Tax documents

Tax documents are documents that are used to report an individual or business’s income, expenses, and other financial information to a tax authority, such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the United States. Some examples of tax documents include: Other tax documents may include receipts for charitable donations, records of business expenses, and documents […]

Insurance documents

Insurance documents refer to the documents that provide evidence of insurance coverage. Some examples of insurance documents include: Insurance documents are an important resource for individuals and businesses, as they provide evidence of insurance coverage and outline the terms of the coverage. It is important for individuals and businesses to review and understand their insurance […]

Approved designs & layouts

Add your approved designs and have a reference point when there is a disagreement on the project or an encrypted backup for sensitive layouts.

Subsidies, funding & grants

Subsidies, grants, and funding are financial assistance provided by governments, foundations, and other organizations to support specific projects or initiatives. Some examples of attributes that may be included in subsidies, grants, and funding are: Subsidies, grants, and funding can be an important source of financial support for projects and initiatives, and they often come with […]


Store employees’ diplomas, certifications, attestations, and courses safely secured and centralized.

Credit card information

Hypervault lets you store the credit card information in a custom template, so you can easily share or withdraw access with an employee.


A valuation is an assessment of the value of an asset or a business. A valuation document is a document that outlines the methodology, assumptions, and conclusions of a valuation. Some examples of attributes that may be included in a valuation document are: Valuation documents are an important resource for individuals and organizations that need […]

Annual reports

Keep all annual reports in one secure place for future references and ensure that you can access them when needed without going through thousands of folders.