Next release: SSO / Microsoft Azure integration. Let me know when it’s released!
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Secure & manage confidential documents

One digital vault to store and easily manage every type of sensitive data. Contracts, patents, deeds, …

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For teams

Access control & user rights

Invite your colleagues and create teams.

Share data with the right users, even when working remotely.

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Snel en veilig toegang met itsme®

Maak gebruik van de itsme® app via je smartphone om in te loggen op Hypervault*. Met meer dan 5 miljoen gebruikers in België de ideale optie om de toegang tot je vertrouwelijke gegevens van je bedrijf te optimaal te beveiligen zonder in te boeten aan vlotheid.

* inloggen met itsme is enkel mogelijk voor onze betalende klanten

Client Access

Securely exchange confidential data with clients

Get your clients on board and safely share or collect their sensitive data.

Folders and subfolders

Keep things organized

A flexible folder structure that is easy to search and maintain.

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Password manager

Strong & secure passwords

Strengthen your passwords with the built-in password generator.

Safely & secure all your passwords.

Securely log in to websites and online accounts with a single click and our browser extension.

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EU Alternative

No secret leaves the EU

EU server locations

All Hypervault servers are located in the European Union countries, so no client data ever leaves the EU.

EU subcontractors

Hypervault uses EU-based cloud service providers and is fully compliant with the new data transfer rules.

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One place for all your senstive data.

Protect and keep your confidential data in the EU