User Provisioning and SSO with Microsoft Azure AD
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The Enterprise Password Manager

In the enterprise structure, your operations are vast and your data security needs are complex. Hypervault's Password Manager and Digital Vault are crafted to meet the high standards of enterprise-level operations, providing a security solution that's easy to use across all departments.
What our clients say
  • "Hypervault Unlocks Exceptional Value with Unrivaled UI and Budget-friendly Pricing."
  • "Custom Templates are a game-changer. It allows us to create unique parameters for each or multiple items."
  • "Hypervault offers an intuitive and well-structured approach to folder sharing, allowing us to effectively organize and share sensitive information."

Secure Your Corporate Empire with a Digital Vault Engineered for the Complexities of Enterprise

Fortify your enterprise's future with a password manager and digital vault that stand up to the scale of your operations. Contact Hypervault for a bespoke security consultation tailored to your enterprise's needs.
Encrypted storage
Securely store and manage a vast array of enterprise documents, from trade secrets to global contracts.
Zero-Knowledge Architecture
Benefit from the highest standard of encryption, where your data is visible to no one but you.
User provisioning through Microsoft AAD
Onboard your organisation through Microsoft Azure Active Directory swiftly.
Customizable Fields & Tailored Templates
Data templates that resonate with your data, allowing you to store all your assets extremely structured.

What's included in workspaces?

Unlimited vault items
Upload files
Data in Europe
Password import tool
Custom fields
Invite your clients for free
Azure User Provisioning / SSO
Browser extension
Template builder
1GB of storage included
Zero-knowledge architecture
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