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Sensitive Data Solutions

Tailored to your business

Every company handles sensitive data in a different way. Hypervault adapts to your data and how you want to store it.

For all European companies

The European Union is calling on companies to move their data from the US to European service providers if they are unsure about the safety of their data and collected data from their customers.  Play safe, keep your data in the EU and choose for European alternatives.

For every department in your company

HR, Marketing, Management, Finance, Legal or Sales…
Every department in your organization is handling sensitive data.  Hypervault is a future-proof and one-stop solution to streamline how your entire business handles sensitive data.

For whom?

Solutions for IT & MSP

Solutions for Accountants

Solutions for Agencies

Solutions for Law firms

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Secure your data in the EU

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No secret leaves the EU

EU server locations

All Hypervault data servers are located in the European Union countries, so no confidential data ever leaves the EU.

EU subcontractors

Hypervault is currently the only sensitive data vault for companies that uses EU-based cloud service providers and is fully compliant with EU data transfer rules.

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