User Provisioning and SSO with Microsoft Azure AD
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Password manager & Digital vault

Your business has secrets.

Hypervault is a vault for your all your sensitive business data, including passwords. Centralize your confidential information to protect your business from theft or loss.

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Zero-knowledge Architecture
Data in EU
GDPR Compliant
Digital Vault
Password Manager
password manager and digital vault dashboard

Hypervault is the online insurance to keep your business safe.

Let's face it: you take an insurance policy on your car, your home, your life, ... It's time to treat the data of your company the same. Hypervault protects all secret and sensitive data. But not only yours, we also make sure the data of your employees, clients or suppliers is kept safe.

Password Vault

Create, save, and share passwords securely.

Secure and efficient password management. Designed with businesses in mind, Hypervault offers a comprehensive suite of features that make password management a breeze.

Discover our Password Vault

Digital Vault

Secure and manage any type of attribute, not just passwords.

Next level Sensitive Data Management. Explore 12 ready-made data sets to store any type of attribute, including passwords, making Hypervault more than just another password manager.

Discover our Digital Vault

Endless possibilities

Create your own data sets

Extend your workspace with your own custom data sets. Structured data equals faster workflows.

"What makes Hypervault stand out is the flexibility of how the data is stored. You don’t only store passwords, you can store product keys, license information and pretty much any other sensitive information you’d like to be able to share securely."
Dragos N. - Review from Capterra

Client information
Asset management
Payroll information
Fleet information
Property documentation
Legal documents
Onboarding instructions
Financial reports
Technical documentation
I worked with the department secretary to organize and categorize contracts. I handed her the laptop and told her to use Hypervault. She quickly grasped how to navigate and fill out forms.

The ease of use and search capabilities, particularly for document retrieval, were important factors for us.
The #1 roadside assistance company in Belgium

Bring everyone on board

One seamless centralized workspace to collaborate with your team members and clients.

  • User provisioning through Azure AD and SSO
  • Permission control
  • Onboard clients and other external users for free
  • A private vault for every user
send and receive sensitive data

Secure Document Sharing

Stop sending or requesting sensitive data via email. Advanced end-to-end encryption secures your data exchange. Create data rooms and streamline sharing documents and attributes.

  • Privacy friendly file sharing
  • Permission management
  • A shared space with individual documents
  • Hotlinks to integrate in documentation or help articles
  • Encrypted file storage
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A Password Manager for any size of organization

Solo-preneurs & freelancers

A single platform to manage all your sensitive data.



Every business has secrets. Invest in security and business continuïty.



Hypervault's Password Manager and Digital Vault are crafted to meet the enterprise-level operations.


Discover all Hypervault's Solutions


Some industry-specific examples

(FIELD) support
Social profit

Hypervault for Agencies

Join 100s of agencies who already use Hypervault in their daily business. Keep your teams aligned in a closed and secure environment. Securely share data with your clients.


Centralize all your software licenses, credentials, APIs, ... for better collaboration.


Your passwords from social media and marketing tools visualized in 1 dashboard.


Give remote workers access to credentials and project information.

Accounting & Finance

Keep your contracts, documents and financial information safely secured in your vault.

project managers

Manage sensitive data from projects in one place. Securely share info with co-workers and clients.


Share credentials and sensitive data or documents with your clients for free.


Protect your legal and insurance documents, store your valuations and deed of incorporation.

Hypervault for Agencies


Hypervault for IT & Managed Service Providers

Keeping track of where your sensitive data is flowing too is not an easy job. With Hypervault you can define access restrictions and share only the information that a single person or a team needs. The best of all? You can mold the structure of Hypervault to your needs.


Centralize your sensitive data from clients and vendors. Distribute access across teams or users.


Instant access to all your client's credentials, device information, license keys and more.


Share device information, passwords, manuals, ... with your clients.

Hypervault for IT & Managed Service Providers


Hypervault for Education

From elementary to university: we cover you all. Join our education program and benefit of a 50% discount.


Store and manage device information accesses or other sensitive data.

head of school

Rest assured that all your confidential information is backed up and restricted.


Access all sensitive data from your devices, credentials or student information.


Share information between teachers, students and parents in a safe environment.

Hypervault for Education

50% discount

Hypervault for Accountants

Asking for sensitive information from your clients through email is a thing of the past. Work on accounts together with your team or with your clients (who can use Hypervault for free). Eliminate the risk of data breaches. Keep your information and your client's data safe.


Distribute sensitive data in a controlled environment. One space for all your confidentials.


Work together with clients. Keep archives. 


Let your client upload sensitive documentation, like ID's, plenary powers, tax reports, contracts, ...

Hypervault for Accountants

Hypervault for Support

A single platform where teams can work together and share confidential information with clients in a safe and closed environment.


Bring your complete team on board in your workspace.

in-house Support

Store and share estimates, contracts, setups and more.

Service technicians

Find specific client-setups and their documentation in no time.


Share setups, blueprints or codes with your clients.

Hypervault for Technicians

Hypervault for Social Profit

It's critical that your client's and patient's personal and sensitive files are protected at a maximum level. Keep your records centralized and give only access to the entitled people.


Manage all credentials, documents, devices, ... from your teams. 


Securely manage and share documents from clients & patients.

clients & patients

Provide access to sensitive documents from your clients & patients.

Hypervault for Social Profit

50% discount

Hypervault for Startups

Join our Startup-program and benefit of a 50% discount for the first year.


Store all your credentials, confidential documents and much more.


Give shielded access to folders to remote workers.

Hypervault for Startups

First year 50% off

All your data in Europe

We operate from Belgium and our servers are all located in Europe. You'll always be on the safe side and comply with EU data security standards. We've got your back.

european password manager gdpr EU data in Europe

Made for every layer in your company: IT, Marketing, Management, Finance, Sales or HR. They'll find themselves home in no-time. Promise.

Migrate fast

Coming from Lastpass, Dashlane or any other password manager? Don't worry: import all your passwords with just a few clicks.

Discover all Hypervault's features
Customer stories

Your go-to cloud application for the mix of teamwork and data protection

“While most password managers allow you to store your login username and password, Hypervault is much more than that. It is a full-scale vault that allows you to store all your online sensitive data.”

Hypervault is an enhanced password manager: it's a centralized vault and protected environment for all your information and documents.

Digital vault
Upload files
Unlimited vault items
Password Manager
Data in Europe
Password import tool
Custom fields
Invite clients for free
Browser extension
Template builder
1GB of storage included
Zero-knowledge architecture


Hypervault and Trust Agency join forces in a study on trusted data sharing

Hypervault and Trust Agency join forces in study on Trusted Data Sharing

Hypervault and Trust Agency are pleased to announce the start of a study on the trusted sharing of data in business contexts for which they received a grant from the Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship Agency (VLAIO).

The eIDAS 2 regulation introduces the concept of "Electronic Attestations of Attributes" (EAA). These have several properties that we believe will be of considerable value in the business world. These properties are very well suited for online business processes where efficiency and the avoidance of administrative burdens are becoming increasingly important.

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Klant in de kijker: Kohera

We spreken met Stanley De Belie, Managing Partner bij Kohera. Met een diepgaande focus op Database Administration, Data Engineering, Data Insights en Data Governance, helpt Kohera bedrijven om hun data efficiënt te beheren en te transformeren in waardevolle inzichten.

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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Your Second Line of Defense in Password Security

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) emerges as a beacon of hope for company owners. It's not just an added layer; it's a robust barrier against the ever-evolving threats in the digital realm. Hypervault, your trusted B2B password manager and digital vault, understands the criticality of safeguarding your digital assets. Let's dive into the world of 2FA and unravel how it fortifies your digital fortresses.

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Strong tools to help you out

We value transparency, security and productivity and put in maximum effort to deliver on these principles. 

Password Policy Template

Download our Password Policy template and make use of it in your business or organisation.


Strong Password Generator

A strong and unique password for every website you need credentials.


Password Manager Comparison

Compare Hypervault to other password managers and digital vaults in the world.