User Provisioning and SSO with Microsoft Azure AD
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The Password Manager for Everyone in your Business

Every business has its secrets. Now, you have a central place to manage and share your confidential data.

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Create, save, and share passwords securely.

Secure and efficient password management. Designed with businesses in mind, Hypervault offers a comprehensive suite of features that make password management a breeze.

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Secure and manage any type of data, not just passwords.

Forget sharing sensitive information by email. Hypervault is more than just another password manager. Any confidential business data can be stored and shared in an encrypted environment.

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I handed her the laptop and told her to use Hypervault. She quickly grasped how to navigate and fill out forms.

I worked with the department secretary to organize and categorize contracts. The ease of use and search capabilities, particularly for document retrieval, were important factors for us.
The #1 roadside assistance company in Belgium

Bring everyone on board

One seamless centralized workspace to collaborate with your team members and clients.

  • User provisioning through Azure AD and SSO
  • Permission control
  • Onboard clients and other external users for free
  • A private vault for every user

Secure sharing

Advanced end-to-end encryption secures your data exchange with team members, clients, vendors, ….

  • Privacy friendly file sharing
  • Permission management
  • A shared space with individual documents
  • Hotlinks to integrate in documentation or help articles
  • Encrypted file storage

All your data centralized in Europe.

We operate from Belgium and our servers are all located in Europe. You’ll always be on the safe side and comply with EU data security standards. We’ve got your back.

Migrate your data to the EU.

Coming from a non-EU password manager? Easily transfer all your passwords to Hypervault.

Migrate your data
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How to Enhance Employee Password Habits for Optimal Security

Discover how to manage employee password risks including data breaches, phishing, and loss of data control to enhance security.

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Hypervault and Trust Agency join forces in a study on trusted data sharing

Hypervault and Trust Agency join forces in study on Trusted Data Sharing

Hypervault and Trust Agency are pleased to announce the start of a study on the trusted sharing of data in business contexts for which they received a grant from the Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship Agency (VLAIO).

The eIDAS 2 regulation introduces the concept of "Electronic Attestations of Attributes" (EAA). These have several properties that we believe will be of considerable value in the business world. These properties are very well suited for online business processes where efficiency and the avoidance of administrative burdens are becoming increasingly important.

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Klant in de kijker: Kohera

We spreken met Stanley De Belie, Managing Partner bij Kohera. Met een diepgaande focus op Database Administration, Data Engineering, Data Insights en Data Governance, helpt Kohera bedrijven om hun data efficiënt te beheren en te transformeren in waardevolle inzichten.

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