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Hypervault Launches First Digital Vault for Companies

Hypervault introduces a new approach that ensures the privacy of companies and client’s data

In today’s world, we are striving for better data protection, and the existing password managers are short-sighted and not producing long-term solutions to data management. Hypervault addresses this problem by offering a data manager, where passwords and their management of it are just a small part in the bigger picture. Data like client or employee information, contracts, connection settings, or device configurations all hold private information that needs to be kept secure which businesses must ensure the privacy. 

Thierry Dupont shares, “We offer a platform that is the central point where companies can store their data encrypted. Just think of documents, contracts, network information, customer and personnel data, warranty certificates, licenses, and passwords. The list can go on endlessly, especially because we offer our customers the possibility to create their own data templates.”

Hypervault offers a transparent approach to data management which answers questions like, “Where is my data? Who has access to it? Is my data properly secured? What happens to data if someone leaves the company?” Storing data in the cloud is already a strategy utilized by most companies, but managing, storing, and using it securely in a team is more than just providing access.

“Hypervault distinguishes itself because we are the first to offer a super-secure digital vault in which all types of confidential data can be stored and managed in an orderly fashion. Much more structured than, for example, a Google Drive and much more extensive than a password manager,” says Glenn Van Croonenborch, CEO of Hypervault.

Hacks and data breaches and leaks are occurring at an increasingly rapid rate at all levels of society. Most of them are caused by insecure or careless handling of confidential company data. Glenn Van Croonenborch shares, “We are seeing an enormous increase in awareness about phishing and cyber-attacks, which we greatly applaud, but solutions to better shield data – such as Hypervault – are lacking. In addition, we notice that the SME market is still deterred by the technical nature of IT security. Hypervault lowers that threshold by providing a highly accessible system for every department within the company.”

Van Croonenborch continues, “There is a growing awareness about data security worldwide that makes us believe strongly in this project. Hypervault received support from the Belgian government for the development of their platform.”

About Hypervault

Hypervault offers data solutions that ensure that teams can collaborate effortlessly through sensitive data protection and credential management. Hypervault’s mission is to create a protected environment for businesses and organizations to manage their sensitive data and they promise to protect organizations by developing the best and most effortless sensitive data and credential management solutions. They may not be as big as the competition, but their ingenious and agile team is constantly evolving to meet the utmost technology standards. 

They put their users in control of their data with a transparent overview of data usage and dissemination is essential for team leaders, organization managers, and company owners. Hypervault puts users in control of their sensitive data by giving them a clear and real-time overview of what’s where. Their background is deeply rooted in agencies and digital industries. They keep their teams up to date with their clients and continue to search for new solutions within every niche user segment.

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