User Provisioning and SSO with Microsoft Azure AD
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Hypervault | KMO's
Solo-preneurs, FREELANCERS

A single platform to manage all your sensitive data.

As a solo entrepreneur, your business is a reflection of your dedication and personal brand. Every detail matters, especially when it comes to protecting the sensitive data that is the lifeblood of your success. 

Hypervault's Password Manager and Digital Vault are your personal guardians, offering a suite of tools designed for the unique challenges and opportunities you face as a solo operator.
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Score van 4.7 / 5 op Capterra
What our clients say
  • "Really Good Tools For IT Solutions or Web / App Developers."
  • "The product is well designed and easy to use. It provides critical functionality to save, share, and collaborate on the credentials used for projects."
  • "The tool presents a harmonious blend of flexibility, affordability, and user-friendly interface, making it stand out from the rest"

Your Data, Unbreachable

Hypervault's Password Manager and Digital Vault offer a robust, flexible solution that supports your productivity while safeguarding your most critical assets.
Laat uw bedrijf groeien op een fundament van vertrouwen en veiligheid. Start uw gratis proefperiode met Hypervault en ervaar de synergie van een wachtwoordbeheerder en een digitale kluis die zijn ontworpen voor groei.
Intuitive Interface
Navigate your security needs with an interface that's as straightforward as your business plan.
Samenwerken met klanten
Deel wachtwoorden, documenten en andere gegevens met klanten via een beveiligde kanaal dat uw reputatie op het gebied van professionaliteit en discretie versterkt.
Flexible Organization
Customizable folders and tags that adapt to your business structure, whether you're a consultant, artist, or online retailer.
Customizable Fields & Tailored Templates
Data templates that resonate with your journey, from client contracts to creative portfolios.

What's included in your vault?

Unlimited vault items
Upload files
Alle data blijft in Europa
Teams (if needed)
Password import tool
Uitbreidbare velden
Invite your clients gratis
Browser extension
Template bouwer
1GB of storage included
Zero-knowledge architectuur
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