User Provisioning and SSO with Microsoft Azure AD
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Policy documents

Policy documents are documents that outline the principles, rules, and guidelines that govern an organization or group. Some examples of attributes that may be included in policy documents are:

TitleThe name of the policy
PurposeThe reason for the policy and the goals it is intended to achieve
ScopeThe individuals or groups to whom the policy applies
DefinitionsExplanations of terms and concepts used in the policy
RequirementsThe specific actions or behaviors required by the policy.
ProhibitionsActions or behaviors that are not allowed under the policy.
ConsequencesThe actions that will be taken if the policy is not followed.
ExceptionsCircumstances under which the policy may not apply.
Effective dateThe date on which the policy goes into effect.

Policy documents are an important tool for organizations, as they help establish clear expectations and guidelines for behavior and decision-making. They can also serve as a reference for employees, customers, and other stakeholders when navigating the policies and procedures of the organization.

Having a data template with policy documentation in Hypervault can help you in spreading the policies to the responsible persons in your company.