User Provisioning and SSO with Microsoft Azure AD
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On-boarding instructies

A welcome mail with onboarding instructions to a new employee sounds probably familiar. However, the onboarding email also contains a lot of information and it’s very possible that the email is sent to the bottom of the email list, archived, or deleted.

LabelA unique identifier or name for the onboarding instruction.
Upload onboarding documentA field for uploading the document containing the onboarding instructions. This can be a PDF, Word document, or any other format that contains the necessary information for onboarding.
Date of receptionThe date on which the onboarding instruction was received. This can be useful for tracking when the instruction was received and ensuring that it is processed in a timely manner.
Date of changeThe date on which the onboarding instruction was last updated or changed. This can be useful for tracking changes to the instruction and ensuring that the most up-to-date version is being used.
NotesA field for adding any additional information or comments related to the onboarding instruction. This can be useful for providing context, additional instructions, or any other information that may be relevant to the onboarding process.

Remove the effort by putting all your instructions, passwords or other access information in a central place. Easier for you, easier for the employee.