User Provisioning and SSO with Microsoft Azure AD
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Financial employee info

Financial employee information is sensitive because it contains personal and financial data that is private and confidential. This information is typically used for payroll and other financial purposes and is subject to strict data privacy regulations. Unauthorized access to this information can result in identity theft, financial fraud, and other serious consequences for both the employee and the employer.

As a result, it is important for organizations to implement appropriate security measures and protocols to protect financial employee information from unauthorized access, use, and disclosure.

SalaryThe amount of money paid to the employee for their work.
BonusAdditional compensation awarded to the employee, typically based on performance or company profits.
Stock optionsThe right to purchase company stock at a predetermined price.
Social security numberA unique identifier assigned to individuals for tax and other purposes.
Bank account numberThe number of the employee's bank account used for direct deposit of their salary.
Tax informationInformation related to the employee's tax withholding, such as their W-4 form.
Performance reviewsEvaluations of the employee's work performance, often used to determine salary increases or promotions.
Job title and responsibilitiesThe title and duties associated with the employee's position within the organization.
Work location and scheduleInformation about where and when the employee is expected to work.
Employee ID numberA unique identifier assigned by the organization to track the employee's work history and performance.
Personal contact informationInformation such as the employee's phone number or email address used to contact them.
Benefits informationInformation about the employee's health insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits provided by the organization.