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Evidence information

Collection datesDates of when the evidence was collected
Personal identifying information (PII)Names, addresses, social security numbers, or other unique identifiers
Medical or health informationPerson's medical history, genetic information, or mental health status
Financiële informatieBank account details, credit card numbers, or income information, ...
Criminal history or recordsThe password for the account on the remote computer.
National security informationA secure, encrypted key that can be used in place of a password to authenticate the connection.
Trade secrets or confidential business informationThe method used to authenticate the connection, such as password-based authentication or key-based authentication.
Political or religious beliefs or affiliationsThe algorithm used to encrypt the data transmitted over the connection.

It's important to handle evidence information with care and respect for individuals' privacy and confidentiality, as the disclosure of sensitive information can have serious consequences.

Flexible solutions

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