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Hypervault | KMO's

API Keys

Searching for API keys, connection settings, and API documentation in your email, on your computer, or on a specific website can be quite time-consuming. Those platforms are also not the best way to keep your data safe and secure. 

Inside Hypervault, storing API attributes and any related data to that API is simple, secure, and made for easy reference.

LabelA short name or description for the API key.
URL or domainThe website or domain that the API key is associated with.
Live keyThe live API key, which is used in production environments to make authorized requests to the API.
Secret keyThe secret or private key, which is used to authenticate the API requests made with the live key.
Extra keysAny additional API keys that may be associated with the account, such as test or development keys.
File uploadAny relevant files or documents related to the API key, such as API documentation or usage guidelines.
NotesAdditional information or details about the API key, such as usage restrictions or important expiration dates.
TagsKeywords or labels that can be used to organize and search for API keys.

Each template has the ability to add custom sections and custom fields.