Store employees’ diplomas, certifications, attestations, and courses safely secured and centralized.

Credit card information

Hypervault lets you store the credit card information in a custom template, so you can easily share or withdraw access with an employee.


Having a reliable platform like Hypervault for storing valuations will allow you to have a peace of mind that your financial data won’t fall into the hands of unauthorized people. The cost of that safety won’t weigh up to the price of thefts.  Upload your valuations in an encrypted environment and share the documents with […]

Business Contracts

Business contracts are one of the most important things to keep track of in your business. They’re the legal documents that set out what you agree to and can help you avoid many potential legal issues.

Security procedures

It’s easy to forget about your security procedures when life in a business is hectic. Having easy access to these guidelines will prevent you and your team from terrible things to happen.

Signed NDA’s

Keep signed Non-Disclosure Agreements centralized in your vault, whether they are from you, your employees, clients, or suppliers.

Asset management

Asset management can contain sensitive data about findings, ownership, significance, permitted use, and security.