SSH connection settings

SSH (Secure Shell) is a network protocol used to securely connect to a remote computer and execute commands on it. Some attributes of SSH connection settings include: These settings are used to configure an SSH client, such as PuTTY or OpenSSH, to establish a secure connection to a remote computer. SSH is commonly used to […]

Architectural wireframes

Architectural wireframes contain the foundation of a project. Upload your documents, we take care of encryption.

System designs

System designs are the plans and specifications for the development and implementation of a system. Some examples of attributes that may be included in system designs are: System designs are an important resource for developers and other technical staff who are responsible for building and maintaining systems. They provide a roadmap for the development and […]

Integration documentation

Integration documentation refers to the documentation that describes how to integrate different systems or components into a larger system. Some examples of attributes that may be included in integration documentation are: Integration documentation is important for ensuring that systems and components are properly integrated and for providing guidance on how to maintain and troubleshoot the […]

Signed NDA’s

Keep signed Non-Disclosure Agreements centralized in your vault, whether they are from you, your employees, clients, or suppliers.

Technical documentation

Centralize your technical documentation and give permissions to the right people, inside or outside your company environment.

Client information

Store all sensitive client information in your vault. Add companies, contact persons, EIN numbers, account numbers, banking information, …


File transfer protocol (or FTP for short) is a protocol that allows computers to transfer files to a server over a network. Store host information, username, password, ports, types, mode in Hypervault. Different settings of FTP-connections Types FTP, FTPS, FTPES Modes Active / passive / standard Active mode: the client connects to a random port […]