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Hypervault for accountants

Secure file sharing and storing of your client's sensitive data

Accountants have lots of sensitive data to manage. Think of company and personal information, mandates, bank details, passwords and other confidentialities. 

With Hypervault accountants can:

  • Store all your information in a structured way
  • Share and request files or data securely
  • Invite your clients for free to your vault

Let's dive in what Hypervault can do even more for you.

best password manager for accountants

Enhanced collaboration between your teams and with your clients.

Hypervault is designed to be the glue between your teams. Create an environment where teams from all departments can work together... or must not. Flexible structures let you decide who can see what. 

Work together with your clients for free

Never send or ask confidential data through email again. Invite your clients to your workspace, for free, and share information with them.
share passwords and information with clients

Migrate from other password managers in a blink.

Easily import your passwords from Lastpass, Dashlane, 1Password, Google sheets or even a simple csv-file.
"It only took us a couple of hours to migrate all our data from Lastpass, structure that data and bring our team of 50 people on board. It went amazingly fast and we didn't even need support."
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Ready-to-go templates to get you started...

Our pre-made templates contain all the necessary fields to store your sensitive data.
Software license
Computer account
pre-defined data templates, attributes management, digital asset management, DAM

Custom templates for maximum flexibility.

Easily build your own templates to secure every type of data in a structured way.
Create a template for a specific type of data
Reuse the template
Keep confidential data structured, clean and tidy
Des possibilités infinies
Client information
Annual reports
Asset management
Tax documents
Intellectual property
Financial reports
Personal Identification Information

Extend vault items with custom fields

Add extra fields like numbers, text, masked fields, files, ... to existing templates or single vault items for maximum flexibility to store your data.
field types:
Option field
Expiry date

GDPR Proof

Your data is secured. Protect yourself from unauthorized access and cyberattacks. Manage and share your information in a secure and compliant manner.

Your data, but structured

Allowing all parties to access the same and up-to-date version of documents and information. Reduce time spent on administrative tasks such as organizing and searching for documents.
Create folders for maximum flexibility
Group related data into these folders
Control folder access with rights and roles

Use cases


Distribute sensitive data in a controlled environment. One space for all your confidentials.


Work together with clients. Keep archives.


Let your client upload sensitive documentation, like ID's, plenary powers, tax reports, contracts, ...

Hypervault for Accounting

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Don't believe us, believe our clients

"We're very enthousiast. Hypervault has a beautiful look en feels very logical. Fantastic that a real European alternative has finally been offered."
"The UI of Hypervault sure feels lighter and cleaner than Lastpass."
"We're a big fan of Hypervault. Finally a tool where we can work and share passwords together with our clients."