User Provisioning and SSO with Microsoft Azure AD
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Browser Extension

Loading and saving your credentials

Hypervault’s browser extension offers a seamless, secure, and incredibly efficient way to manage your passwords and sensitive data directly from your browser.

What our clients say:

The product is well designed and easy to use.
One notable strength of Hypervault is its intuitive interface.
Hypervault is a reliable, cost-effective tool for secure password management!

Load and save credentials

Log into your accounts effortlessly. Our browser extension fills in your passwords and personal information securely and accurately, saving you time and hassle.

Generate passwords

Create strong, unique passwords on the fly. With our built-in password generator, maintaining robust security across all your accounts has never been easier.

Pick a location

Add new passwords and sensitive information to a folder in your Hypervault workspace directly from your browser. Keep everything nice and tidy.
strong password generator browser extension

In need for a strong password now?

Check out our random password generator.

Next to our browser extension, we created this free online password generator tool. Generate strong and random passwords for maximum protection of your accounts.
Generate a strong random password with our free tool