User Provisioning and SSO with Microsoft Azure AD
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Your manuals can contain workflows or specific use cases on how to access services or products. This could vary from how people can reset their alarm system, including their personal codes, or entering bank information that has a lot of restrictions. Keep your confidential manuals centralized and share them with the right person.

TitleThe title of the manual
AuthorThe author of the manual
VersionThe version number of the manual
DateThe date of publication or last update
PurposeThe intended purpose of the manual
AudienceThe intended audience for the manual
ScopeThe topics covered by the manual
FormatThe format of the manual, such as digital or print
LengthThe number of pages or sections in the manual
LanguageThe language of the manual
IllustrationsThe types and quality of illustrations or diagrams included
ReferencesAny references to other sources or materials
GlossaryAny technical terms or definitions included in a glossary
IndexAny index or table of contents included
CopyrightInformation on the copyright owner and any usage restrictions
Revision historyAny information on previous versions or updates of the manual