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Fleet documents

Fleet documents refer to the records and documentation related to a fleet of vehicles, such as cars, trucks, or buses. Some examples of fleet documents include:

Vehicle registrationDocumentation that proves ownership of a vehicle and allows it to be legally driven on public roads.
Vehicle titleA legal document that proves ownership of a vehicle.
Insurance documentsProof of insurance coverage for the vehicles in the fleet.
Maintenance recordsRecords of maintenance and repair work performed on the vehicles in the fleet.
Fuel recordsRecords of the fuel purchased and consumed by the vehicles in the fleet.
Driver logsRecords of the hours and miles driven by each driver in the fleet.
Vehicle inspection reportsReports detailing the condition of the vehicles in the fleet.
Accident reportsReports documenting any accidents involving vehicles in the fleet.

It is important for fleet managers to maintain accurate and up-to-date records for the vehicles in the fleet in order to ensure that they are properly maintained, insured, and compliant with relevant regulations.