Next release: SSO / Microsoft Azure integration. Let me know when it’s released!
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Password management for Businesses and teams

Hypervault is a password manager, but one that can store far more than just your passwords, perfectly aligned for businesses of any kind.

Passwords, but not only for websites

Emails have a password, devices have a pincode, API’s a secret key, and so on… 

You get it, the world of passwords is bigger than you imagine. From now on, store all business secrets in one secure vault.

Digital vault & sensitive data storage

Browser extension

Automatically save passwords and sign in with just one click when using our Chromium Browser Extension (suitable for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome). Generate random, strong and secure passwords.

Password manager browser extension

Password generator

If employees are remembering their passwords, it’s probably because they’re easy to guess. You better make sure that your colleagues are creating strong passwords, conforming your internal password policy. 

With our browser extension, they can generate passwords directly. Choose the number of characters, copy the generated password.

Hypervault - password generator