Next release: SSO / Microsoft Azure integration. Let me know when it’s released!
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Organize your data in a clear system.

Nesting folders

A simple folder structure reduces clutter. Nest your directories up to 5 levels deep.

Hypervault - Password manager Folders

Access management

Decide who has access to what. Share folders with complete teams, individual users or external clients.

Share passwords and folders with team members

Data templates

All your data safely stored in pre-made templates for maximum structure. Hypervault has 10 standard templates, but you can create unlimited sorts of data templates with our template builder.

sensitive data templates


Add tags to folders or vault items for easy management and better finding.

tagging passwords and credentials

Bulk actions

Bulk actions makes data management much more fluent. Use the search bar to find, select, move or delete items relevant items.

Share credentials