User Provisioning and SSO with Microsoft Azure AD
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Easily secure and manage sensitive information

Designed to strike a perfect balance between productivity and security.

Structured data

Keep information organized

A folder structure that is easy to understand and flexible to maintain. Group related data and stop wasting time searching for information. Nest folders for maximum flexibility and control your team’s access with rights and roles.

Access management
Data templates
Bulk actions

Data Templates

The ultimate management of attributes

Easily store all your data in a structured way. Every data template is a unique set of fields or attributes, with characteristics of that specific data. For example: a login template has other different fields than the Device template.

Discover all the possibilities

Pre-defined templates


Hypervault has pre-defined templates to get you started quickly. Each template has a different and unique set of attributes and can be extended with custom fields.

Custom data templates


Build custom templates with sections and unique fields to store your data or attributes, according to your business needs.

Extra fields


Each existing template (pre-defined & custom made) can be extended with custom extra fields for maximum flexibility.

Privacy-Friendly, Secure Document sharing

Hypervault's privacy-friendly secure file sharing feature puts you in control. Share files confidently, knowing recipients can view and download securely, safeguarding your sensitive data.

More about Secure Document Sharing

Strong & secure passwords

Password Manager

All passwords, safely stored and available everywhere. Securely log in to websites and online accounts with a single click, in combination with our browser extension.

Change and strengthen passwords with the built-in password generator.

Browser extension for Chrome and Edge
Strong Password Generator included


The central place to secure and organize your sensitive data. You can be part of one or multiple workspaces. Each workspace is a collection of folders and users.

Different vaults

Each workspace consists of a vault for your organization and a private vault for each user within your organization.

License management

Quickly add & remove seats and keep your budget under control.

Collaborate with clients

Invite your clients to your workspace for free, and maximize your engagement to keep their data protected.


Each workspace comes with 1GB of storage. Workspace storage can easily be extended when needed.


Easily migrate from Lastpass, Dashlane, 1Password or any password manager's exported csv-file.

Fast search

Quickly and intuitively find any data in your workspace. Access search results immediately

Teams & users

User provisioning and SSO through Microsoft AAD

Connect Hypervault with your Microsoft Azure Active Directory for better user provisioning and Microsoft SSO for faster access.

Collaborate effectively

Invite colleagues, group users and create teams. Easily assign folders to teams and manage access rights. Share the right information with the right users, even when they're working remotely.

User provisioning and SSO through Microsoft AAD
Team management
User roles
Manager options
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Protecting your data

Security by Design

Protecting the confidentiality and integrity of key sensitive data whilst remaining legally compliant in every jurisdiction is our key mission.

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Zero knowledge architecture
Encryption in transit
Penetration testing
XSS, CSRF, throttling and tracking


The EU-alternative for your password manager and digital vault.

Hypervault is a privacy-focused company. Data servers are located in European Union countries, so no confidential data ever leaves the EU.

Customer Data Confidentiality

Hypervault can not be obligated to transmit customer data with external regulatory entities.
Data Protection
Data residency