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Digital vault

Our digital vault is secure, compliant and centralizes your sensitive data which deserves the ultimate protection. Meet our EU Digital Vault services.
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What our clients say
  • "I haven’t seen the flexibility in structure Hypervault offers in any other digital vault."
  • "Our experience with Hypervault underscores its worth as a reliable, cost-effective, and intuitive tool."
  • "It deftly enables you to devise and save items based on unique parameters you set, further enhancing the tool's adaptability."

Centralize documents and data for better client-care

Centralizing documents and data with our digital vault transforms client-care into a seamless experience. It provides a singular, secure access point for all client-related information, enhancing service quality and response times. This integration simplifies document handling, ensures data integrity, and offers clients a consistent touchpoint for their inquiries, boosting satisfaction and trust in your services.
digital vault: centralize documents for ultimate client-care
guarantee business continuity with a digital vault

Guarantee business continuity

It's critical to your business to have continuity in the face of unforeseen challenges. Our digital vault safeguards your operational data, maintaining access to critical information during disruptions. It's an essential tool for risk management, preserving data integrity and availability, thereby guaranteeing the resilience and ongoing functionality of your business operations.

Use-cases & Solutions

Our digital vault offers a tailored solution for Insurance firms, Advisory & Audit companies, Legal practices, and any department within an organization. It's a secure enclave for your most sensitive data, ensuring that everything from policy details to legal documents is protected and readily accessible to authorized users. Embrace safety and efficiency with our digital vault services.

Any department in your organisation

Enhance departmental efficiency with our digital vault; a secure hub for all critical organizational documents.


Secure policies, claims, and customer data with our digital vault for streamlined access and unparalleled protection.

Advisory & Audits Firms

Safeguard sensitive audit reports and client financials using our digital vault for secure, compliant storage.


Protect client confidentiality with our digital vault, ensuring legal documents are stored securely and privately.

Empower Your Team's Productivity and Security with a Digital Vault

Hypervault's Password Manager and Digital Vault offer a robust, flexible solution that supports your team's productivity while safeguarding your most critical assets.
Grow your business on a foundation of trust and security. Start your free trial with Hypervault and experience the synergy of a password manager and digital vault designed for growth.
Team-Friendly Access
Simplify login processes for your entire team without compromising on security.
Client Collaboration
Share passwords, documents and other data with clients through a secure channel that reinforces your reputation for professionalism and discretion.
EU-based data storage & GDPR proof
Hypervault is GDPR compliant. The data of Hypervault is stored on EU-servers.
Customizable Fields
Add fields to your passwords and documents, ensuring that all necessary information is captured and categorized.

What's included in the vault?

Unlimited vault items
Upload files
Data in Europe
Password import tool
Custom fields
Invite clients for free
Browser extension
Template builder
1GB of storage included
Zero-knowledge architecture
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