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Does the world really need another password manager?

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Does the world need another password manager?

If you asked us the question: does the world really need another password manager? Our answer to you would be no. The world does not need another password manager.

It’s a bloated market, where you can spend less than $30 per year and get something that lets you store and retrieve website passwords. The world really does not need another password manager.

So why do new password managers keep appearing and being sold as something new?
We think that’s a better question to ask.

Why would people try to solve a problem if there are already well-established companies that do it really well? For a percentage of market share? Maybe.

But having spoken to many digital agencies, IT service providers, or business owners in any industry who are using password managers every day to secure their sensitive data, we think there may be another reason why we keep seeing new password managers being made:

Because there’s something wrong.

Enough organizations are not satisfied with their current solution for securing their passwords. Neither are we satisfied as well… That’s why we aren’t just building another password manager.

That’s why we’re approaching the problem in the same way we see real digital agencies and IT service providers and many other businesses approach the problem: with teamwork and collaboration in mind, with the entire process of securing all types of sensitive data in mind. Not just passwords.

That’s why Hypervault is not just another password manager.

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