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Tax documents

Tax documents are documents that are used to report an individual or business's income, expenses, and other financial information to a tax authority, such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the United States. Some examples of tax documents include:

Tax returnsA summary of an individual or business's financial information, including income, expenses, and tax liability, that is submitted to a tax authority.
W-2 formsA form that reports an individual's wages and salary, as well as the amount of taxes withheld from their pay.
1099 formsA form that reports income that is not salary or wages, such as income from freelance work or rental property.
1098 formsA form that reports mortgage interest paid by an individual.
1095 formsA form that reports health insurance coverage for an individual or their family.
VAT returnsA form that reports the value-added tax (VAT) a business has charged and paid during a certain period of time.
Corporate tax returnsA form that reports a business's income, expenses, and tax liability.
Payroll tax returnsA form that reports the payroll taxes a business has withheld from its employees' pay and the taxes it has paid to the government.
Receipts for business expensesDocumentation of expenses a business has incurred, such as office supplies or travel expenses.
InvoicesA document that shows the goods or services a business has provided to a customer and the amount the customer owes for those goods or services.

Other tax documents may include receipts for charitable donations, records of business expenses, and documents showing the sale of property. It is important for individuals and businesses to accurately report their financial information on tax documents in order to pay the correct amount of taxes.