User Provisioning and SSO with Microsoft Azure AD
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Manage all information from your devices in one place.

Add warranty documents, manuals, work instructions, … and share the information with your co-workers or clients.

LabelA unique identifier for the device.
TypeThe general category of the device, such as a laptop or smartphone.
ModelThe specific model of the device, such as a MacBook Pro or iPhone 12.
UserThe person who is assigned to use the device.
Serial numberA unique identifier assigned to the device by the manufacturer.
Date of receptionThe date on which the device was received.
PasswordThe password or passcode required to access the device.
Server/IP addressThe IP address or domain name of the server that the device connects to.
OSThe operating system that is installed on the device, such as Windows or iOS.
Mac addressA unique identifier assigned to the device's network interface controller.
File uploadA place to attach any relevant files, such as a manual or receipt.
NotesAny additional information or notes about the device.
TagsLabels or keywords that can be used to categorize or search for the device.

Each template has the ability to add custom sections and custom fields.