User Provisioning and SSO with Microsoft Azure AD
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Storing and sharing database connections can be quite painful. With the specific database template you can enter all the details of the connection settings. When you’re in need to enter additional information, you can always add custom fields to your database template.

LabelA name or label used to identify the database
HostThe hostname or IP address of the server hosting the database
Database nameThe name of the database being accessed
PortThe port number used for the database connection
AliasAn alternative name or identifier for the database
UsernameThe username used to authenticate the database connection
PasswordThe password used to authenticate the database connection
SIDThe System ID (SID) of the database
Connection optionsAdditional options or parameters used for the database connection
File uploadA file upload feature to store database backups or other files
NotesAny additional notes or information about the database
TagsLabels or categories used to group related databases

Each template has the ability to add custom sections and custom fields.