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Annual reports

Annual reports are a great way to ensure the company's accomplishments are always on display. If you want to keep them safe and secure for future references—and if you're going to ensure that you can access them when needed without going through thousands of folders —you need to store them in a digital format.

With Hypervault, you can store all your annual reports in one secure place. Create a custom-made template according to what suits your needs the best. Annual reports can be uploaded in PDF, Word, … and stored digitally and encrypted in your vault.

Company InformationName, address, phone number, and website of the company.
Letter to ShareholdersA message from the CEO or other top executives discussing the company's performance over the past year and plans for the future.
Financial StatementsIncome statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement for the past year.
Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A)A section in which management discusses the financial results of the company and provides analysis and insights into the company's performance.
Corporate GovernanceInformation about the company's management structure, board of directors, and policies related to ethics, compliance, and risk management.
Market and Industry InformationAnalysis of the company's position in its industry, market trends, and competition.
Risk FactorsDisclosure of potential risks that could affect the company's future performance.
Shareholder InformationInformation about dividends, stock price performance, and shareholder activities.
Auditor's ReportAn independent auditor's report on the company's financial statements.
Other InformationOther relevant information that the company wants to disclose, such as sustainability initiatives, community involvement, or corporate social responsibility efforts.