User Provisioning and SSO with Microsoft Azure AD
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Access point information

Access point information is critical for businesses and organizations that rely on wireless networks. It is important to understand the sensitive attributes of access point information, as unauthorized access to this information can compromise the security of the network and potentially expose confidential data. In this section, we will discuss the sensitive attributes of access point information and how they should be handled to ensure the security of your wireless network.

MAC addressA unique identifier assigned to the network interface controller (NIC) of a wireless device.
SSIDThe name of a wireless network.
Network trafficInformation exchanged between devices on a network, which may include sensitive data such as login credentials or personal information.
Encryption typeThe method used to secure wireless communications, which can be vulnerable to attacks if improperly configured.
Access control listA list of devices that are permitted to connect to a network, which can contain sensitive information such as MAC addresses.
Location dataInformation about the physical location of an access point, which can be used to track the movements of devices connected to it.
Configuration settingsInformation about how an access point is configured, including usernames, passwords, and other settings that may be sensitive.