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Process documentation

Process documentation refers to the documentation that describes the steps involved in a process or procedure. Some examples of attributes that may be included in process documentation are:

  1. Title: The name of the process.
  2. Purpose: The reason for the process and the goals it is intended to achieve.
  3. Scope: The individuals or groups who are involved in the process or who are affected by it.
  4. Definitions: Explanations of terms and concepts used in the process.
  5. Inputs: The resources or information that are needed to begin the process.
  6. Outputs: The results or deliverables produced by the process.
  7. Steps: The specific actions or tasks that are performed as part of the process.
  8. Responsibilities: The individuals or groups who are responsible for performing each step of the process.
  9. Timing: The duration of the process and the frequency with which it is performed.

Process documentation is an important tool for organizations, as it helps to standardize and improve the efficiency of business processes. It can also serve as a reference for employees and other stakeholders who need to understand and follow the steps of a process.