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File transfer protocol (or FTP for short) is a protocol that allows computers to transfer files to a server over a network. Store host information, username, password, ports, types, mode in Hypervault. Proper security measures should be taken to protect this information.

UsernameThe username used to authenticate the FTP connection
PasswordThe password used to authenticate the FTP connection
Server addressThe IP address or hostname of the FTP server
Port numberThe port number used for the FTP connection
Encryption typeThe level of encryption used to secure the FTP connection, if any
File namesThe names of the files being transferred
File sizesThe sizes of the files being transferred
File permissionsThe permissions assigned to the files being transferred
Date and time stampsThe date and time that files were transferred or modified
Connection logsA log of all connections made to the FTP server
Error logsA log of any errors that occurred during FTP transfers
FTP commandsA record of the commands issued during an FTP session
Data transfer ratesThe speed at which data is transferred during an FTP session
Client softwareThe software used to initiate the FTP connection