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Credit card information

In any business with multiple employees, the question ‘can I use the company’s credit card to make a payment’ is posed plenty of times. There is even a possibility that your business even has more than one card. 

Hypervault lets you store the credit card information in a custom template, so you can easily share or withdraw access with an employee.

Cardholder NameThe name of the person or entity that owns the credit card.
Card NumberThe unique numerical identifier assigned to the credit card.
Expiration DateThe month and year that the credit card expires.
Security CodeThe 3 or 4 digit code on the back of the credit card.
Pin CodeThe 4 digit pin code to approve transactions.
Billing AddressThe address where the credit card statement is mailed.
Zip CodeThe postal code associated with the billing address.
CountryThe country associated with the billing address.
Card TypeThe brand or type of credit card (e.g. Visa, Mastercard).
IssuerThe financial institution that issued the credit card.
Credit LimitThe maximum amount that can be charged to the credit card.
Transaction HistoryA record of past transactions made with the credit card.
NotesAny additional notes or comments about the credit card.
TagsKeywords or labels used to categorize or organize the credit card information.