User Provisioning and SSO with Microsoft Azure AD
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A business has to carry out multiple forms of assessments throughout the year. These assessments include employee assessment, elicitation observations, knowledge tests, and documentation reviews. All of them are susceptible to information about the company; you should note that it is essential to store all the assessments safely.

With Hypervault, you and your business are set to go with our custom template, which can be explicitly designed to store all your assessments digitally encrypted without the threat of data breaches.

An example of what an assessment template could look like in Hypervault:

Employee nameThe name of the employee who underwent the assessment or test.
Assessment typeThe type of assessment or test that was administered.
Assessment resultsThe scores or results of the assessment or test.
StrengthsThe areas in which the employee demonstrated strength or proficiency.
WeaknessesThe areas in which the employee demonstrated weakness or a need for improvement.
Performance improvement plansAny plans or actions taken to improve the employee's performance based on the assessment or test results.
Confidentiality agreementAn agreement or acknowledgement signed by the employee regarding the confidentiality of their assessment or test results.
Retention periodThe length of time that the assessment or test results will be retained by the employer.
Access restrictionsAny restrictions on who can access the assessment or test results, and under what circumstances.