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Endless possibilities

Hypervault is more than a password manager for teams. It’s a digital vault, with endless possibilities. Store any kind of sensitive data, wether it’s business or personal related.
Choose from standard templates (templates that are pre-made) or custom templates (where you can start from scratch and define the necessary fields yourself).


Approved designs & layouts

If you're a project manager, product owner, or designer, you probably have a bunch of designs and layouts that are approved at a specific moment by your client. But what do you do with them? How can you store them as a backup and reference point when something goes wrong or when the client disagrees […]



File transfer protocol (or FTP for short) is a protocol that allows computers to transfer files to a server over a network. Store host information, username, password, ports, types, mode in Hypervault. Proper security measures should be taken to protect this information. Username The username used to authenticate the FTP connection Password The password used […]



Vault for passwords Hypervault has a built-in password manager, made to collaborate between your teams... or your clients. Use the folders in your vault to bring structure to your passwords. Automatically load credentials in login forms, so you don't have to remember your passwords. You can also generate strong passwords here or in your Chrome or […]


Setting up a workspace, creating a structure and inviting your team takes less than 10 minutes.