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Endless possibilities

Hypervault is more than a password manager for teams. It’s a digital vault, with endless possibilities. Store any kind of sensitive data, wether it’s business or personal related.
Choose from standard templates (templates that are pre-made) or custom templates (where you can start from scratch and define the necessary fields yourself).


Credit card information

In any business with multiple employees, the question ‘can I use the company’s credit card to make a payment’ is posed plenty of times. There is even a possibility that your business even has more than one card.  Hypervault lets you store the credit card information in a custom template, so you can easily share […]



Manage all information from your devices in one place. Add warranty documents, manuals, work instructions, … and share the information with your co-workers or clients. Label A unique identifier for the device. Type The general category of the device, such as a laptop or smartphone. Model The specific model of the device, such as a […]



Keep track of your employees' diplomas, certifications, attestations, and courses. Safely store and share the information with the beneficial owner in a secured encrypted environment. Personal information Name, date of birth, place of birth, photograph, and any other identifying information Educational information Institution name, degree or diploma type, major or field of study, grades or […]


Energy certificats

An energy certificate is a document that certifies the energy performance of a building or other facility. Some attributes that may be included in an energy certificate are: Building type The type of building or facility being certified, such as a single-family home, a multi-family apartment building, or a commercial office building. Address The location […]


Insurance documents

Insurance documents refer to the documents that provide evidence of insurance coverage. Some examples of insurance documents include: Insurance policy A document that outlines the terms and conditions of the insurance coverage, including the types of risks covered, the limits of coverage, and any exclusions or limitations. Certificate of insurance A document that summarizes the […]


Network information

Being careful with network settings is a must. You don’t want to put everything at stake and let an unauthorized person accesses your network from outside. Label A unique identifier for the network information entry. Network Name The name of the network. Wireless Security The type of wireless security used by the network. For example, WEP, […]



Vault for passwords Hypervault has a built-in password manager, made to collaborate between your teams... or your clients. Use the folders in your vault to bring structure to your passwords. Automatically load credentials in login forms, so you don't have to remember your passwords. You can also generate strong passwords here or in your Chrome or […]


Security procedures

Security procedures are the processes and protocols that are put in place to protect against threats and ensure the security of an organization or system. Some examples of attributes that may be included in security procedures are: Scope The individuals or groups who are subject to the security procedure. Responsibilities The roles and responsibilities of […]


Signed NDA's

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are legal contracts used to protect sensitive information shared between parties, such as trade secrets, proprietary information, and confidential business strategies. NDAs are often used in business partnerships, employment agreements, and other situations where the disclosure of confidential information could be harmful to one or more parties. Due to the sensitive nature […]


Subsidies, funding & grants

Subsidies, grants, and funding are financial assistance provided by governments, foundations, and other organizations to support specific projects or initiatives. Some examples of attributes that may be included in subsidies, grants, and funding are: Name The name of the subsidy, grant, or funding program. Purpose The reason for the subsidy, grant, or funding and the […]



A valuation is an assessment of the value of an asset or a business. A valuation document is a document that outlines the methodology, assumptions, and conclusions of a valuation. Some examples of attributes that may be included in a valuation document are: Purpose The reason for the valuation and the goals it is intended […]


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