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Nordpass vs Lastpass vs Hypervault​

Picking the best password manager for your needs.

Are you looking for a review of Nordpass or Lastpass? We compared both password managers, together with the new player on the market: Hypervault.​

There are many online password vaults available in the market nowadays, each with specific features and for different audiences. We shine a light on 3 password managers for your business: Nordpass vs Lastpass vs Hypervault.

In our article, we cover the following topics:

  • Data residency
  • Pricing
  • Data management
  • Teams
  • Interface

Data Residency

Finding out where password managers are storing their data isn't always easy. Most of the time they are written in small legal notes, somewhere in the privacy or general conditions. Times are changing (thankfully), so people have raising awareness about their data locations, and with who they share their secrets.

Nordpass was founded in 2019 and keeps your data in Panama, a country in Central America, next to Colombia.

Lastpass stores everything in America as well. It was founded back in 2008.

Hypervault is the only European player in this list, keeping your data in France and The Netherlands. Hypervault is also GDPR-proof.

Data management

Frontrunner for data management is Hypervault. With the ability to have 10 different data templates, where templates can be modified or created according to your needs.

Lastpass has the possibility to add custom fields, however, the process feels a bit slow and old-fashioned.

Nordpass doesn't have the option to extend fields or sections.


All 3 vaults for passwords have the ability to add people to their space. The creation of teams is only available at Hypervault.


Lastpass and Nordpass have less or more the same look, with Nordpass being the more modern version of the Lastpass layout. Both have their menu on the left, with all the passwords on the right.

Hypervault is a bit different: the main structure is created by folders, where each folder can have multiple sorts of data items (passwords, files, specific settings, ...).


All 3 vaults for passwords have the ability to add people to their space. The creation of teams is only available at Hypervault.


When we compare Nordpass vs Lastpass vs Hypervault, Hypervault is the digital password vault that stands out. They are the only tool that has team options and a lot of customizations.

Other alternatives for your business password manager.

Nordpass and Lastpass are just 2 of the many password managers we compare. Check out our comparison table with the best-known password vaults over here, including Nordpass, Lastpass and many other password managers. 

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Nordpass vsLastpass vs Hypervault

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