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Uniqkey vs Hypervault

Comparison of password managers Uniqkey and Hypervault

This document provides a general – first level – summary of the main differences and similarities we could find between both solutions. 

In our article, we cover the following topics:

  • Main differences
  • Similarities
  • Data management
  • Teams
  • Interface

All statements made below are solely based on our own knowledge of Hypervault and on the information we were able to find on the website of Uniqkey.  For a more thorough understanding of Uniqkey’s capabilities we would be required to purchase a license. 

Main differences

Usage & purpose

Uniqkey is a password manager.  It provides a fixed set of fields to complete for each password, such as url, username, password, etc…

Hypervault is a digital vault allowing you to store and secure any type of sensitive data in a structured way.  It provides a multitude of templates for the secure storage and sharing of IT & security related data (passwords, ftp credentials, email settings, database information, api keys, licenses, device info, …. etc..). 

A special mention should be made for the ability to also store and secure files inside of Hypervault. Think of patents, contracts, plans, research data, …

Custom data templates

Uniqkey:  none or nothing about it on their website.  Available fields are fixed predetermined by UK

Hypervault:  ability to create / add custom data templates for use by every user inside your workspace.  This allows any user to easily expand the number of data that can be stored in HV in the most secure way.

Custom fields

Uniqkey: none or nothing about it on their website. Available fields are fixed predetermined

Hypervault: ability to create / add custom fields to existing data templates.


Uniqkey: Saas + dedicated mobile app.

Hypervault: not yet, but coming.  For now: Saas / Cloud only.


Uniqkey:  users can only be part of one business vault.

Hypervault:  users can be part of multiple business vault with same account.  Ideal for freelancers.


Uniqkey:  all passwords are stored in a linear way in one single vault.

Hypervault:  ability to organize your workspace with folders and subfolders.  Folders can be used to organize data per category, per department, per client, per team, …

Made in EU

Uniqkey: all data stored in Denmark.

Hypervault: made in Antwerp, Belgium.  All data stored in Paris and Amsterdam.

Secure password sharing

Uniqkey: Only with team members within the same business / organisation.

Hypervault: Ability to give access to data (temporary or permanent) to external users for free! Ability to retrieve sensitive data from external users as well (two ways).

Secure access

Uniqkey: With a proprietary UK app code.

Hypervault: With a unique Master Password and/or with itsme for all Belgian citizens.


Uniqkey: ISO27001 & SOC2

Hypervault: Not yet. In progress, but this is a long process and impossible for us to provide an estimate. Upon demand, we can provide more detailed information about the measures that are taken to ensure Hypervault is unbreachable and the safety of our customers’ data.


Uniqkey: provides onboarding assistance.

Hypervault: so easy that no onboarding assistance is required. If support is needed though, we are available through mail and a knowledge base


Uniqkey:  reporting dashboard; incl shadow IT monitoring.

Hypervault:  not yet.  On the roadmap.


  • Built for teams
  • Zero knowledge architecture, passwords (as well as all other data stored in Hypervault) are encrypted at rest and in transit
  • Work vault and Private vault for every user.
  • Browser extension with auto fill of usernames & passwords 
  • Password generator
  • Option to enable / disable 2FA
  • Full visibility of employee accounts and services
  • User Group Management
  • Centralized management of employee access rights
  • Every access point is protected
  • Secure password sharing
  • Importing from other password managers (via CSV file.)


Hypervault is available for €4 / month per user or €39 / year per user.

Uniqkey pricing is set at €4,95 / month and per user.

Hypervault, the best password manager for your business.

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